The Simplicity of Faith Like A Child

Neil Vermillion —  December 31, 2015 —  Comments

As you step out in faith, following what I’ve placed before you, you will come to the understanding how I will meet you. For my will for your life is somewhat different than what you think. And though you understand bits and pieces, there are still many things you do not fully understand. So grasp what you are able, and follow as best as you are able, and do not concern yourself with trying to understand every single aspect of your path in life. For there are many things which are yet to be discovered and it is not possible for you to fully grasp every little detail at this point in your life.

Do not let this discourage you but rather walk in faith trusting in my will for you. For there are too many things happening in the course of your life, and focusing on them would only overwhelm you. Instead, allow yourself the luxury of simply walking by faith knowing I have a good path marked out for you already. Allow yourself the freedom not to worry about things you do not understand and cannot control. Allow yourself the joy and simplicity of child-like living as you take things one day at a time, giving no concern for tomorrow.

For in this simplicity you will thrive. In the simplicity of a child your heart will grow and increase in the knowledge and experience of my love. And in this simplicity I will speak to you and you will easily receive. You will not be clouded by skepticism, doubt, or cynicism but will embrace and receive all I have for you, just as you did when you were young.

And in this place of simplicity you will come to know me as Father. You will experience my provision and my protection for you, and will accept my plans, my love, and my fellowship. Your burdens will not be heavy, but will be so light – so light even a small child could carry them.

So take up this lightness and simplicity and allow yourself to walk in this fellowship. For in this faith you will enjoy all I have set before you. And the surprises you encounter will delight you, not alarm or irritate you. The adventures will inspire you, not scare or overwhelm you. The challenges you confront will thrill and exhilarate you, and will reveal who you are, who I have created you to be.

Worry no more, and allow yourself to walk by faith in who I am, and what I have in store for you, for the absence of worry is my desire for you.

I have given you my Spirit and placed my seal upon you. And my hope will be poured into your heart and will sustain you day after day, though you do not always see the end in sight. For as my spirit continues to speak to you, you will come to know and understand and experience the vast provision available to you in every way. And through this knowledge, understanding, and experience, you will come to know the riches of my glory even in this very moment.

So discard your former way of thinking and living, and embrace the simplicity of child-like faith. You will find my yoke is easy and my burden is light. And we will encounter many wonderful and delightful surprises, one after another, as you we walk hand in hand down the path already marked out for you.

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