The Simplicity Of My Union With You

Neil Vermillion —  November 13, 2015 —  Comments

There is a vast amount of simplicity set before you, even this day. For in this world there are things you will encounter, things that will cause you to fret, worry, and fear, but as you look to me, and remember our union together, you will begin to see simplicity in every situation. For my perspective will cause you to look past what is here today and gone tomorrow, and allow you to see into that which is unseen.

And with this perspective and understanding, surely you will begin to see the completion of my plans for your life. And in this light you will not see your trials and difficulties and delays as big as you previously had seen them. You will begin to see them more and more the way I do, as being small, brief, and so easy to overcome. So allow yourself to rest in my presence, and rest in the knowledge of me. For as you come close to me, and abide with me in my joy, my presence will begin to not only change your heart and your mind in this moment, but will also allow you to live in your place of sonship, confidence, comfort, security, and peace.

From this place of abiding in sonship you will see your path so very simply. The confusion, details, timing, and stress and striving will be alleviated for you as you cast them aside and embrace the comfort of who you are in me, and abide in the confidence of all we will accomplish together. And this sonship will offer you a peaceful perspective as you reassess your current situation and see it from my perspective.

And the simplicity offered you will bless you so much. It will highlight the complicated. It will reduce the stressful. It will ease the sting of delay. It will heighten the joy of your anticipation. And all these things will be seen and realized in your union with me, as you continually bathe in my presence, and allow my spirit to saturate your environment as well as your heart and mind.

So as you find yourself scurrying about, scrambling to meet your next obstacle, your next challenge, also take a moment to embrace the simplicity of my perspective. Allow yourself to let go of previous habits, and acknowledge who you are in me, trusting in all I am, and in all I have planned. For even in the midst of all your stress and struggles my peace, my perspective, my union with you is readily available.

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