The Simplicity Of What Is Set Before You

Neil Vermillion —  March 16, 2017 — Leave a comment

As I speak to you, and as I give you little seeds and little nuggets, do not be disappointed or frustrated that all things are not yet fully matured in your life. For though you desire to possess the fullness, there is a righteous wisdom working to develop and perfect you in every way. You have started small, but I have sought to bring you past these days of small beginnings. You started in confusion, but I desire to bring you out of confusion as you digest the revelation of my marvelous light.

Do not be discouraged or downcast as you see small things growing in your life, as if small things are bad things. Understand there are many layers to the multi-faceted process working within you, and within your circumstances, and within those around you. Understand you are not fully matured, fully developed yet, and your growth is so important to me. Understand I love you, and enjoy you, and am revealing myself to you again and again, one delightful, mysterious way after another.

You will find I am altogether different than the god of your adulthood, and more like the God of your childhood. You will find I am simple, and profound. I am wonderful and more than beautiful. I am generous and more than magnanimous. You will find in everything you can think of me, I am even better than you thought. In everything you can measure, I am beyond measure. In every notion and concept I transcend and surpass definition and classification. For I am the great mystery, and always have been, and always will be, yet I am revealing myself to you personally, continually.

So do not allow the simplicity of what is set before you to offend or confuse you, but receive it all, knowing I am pursuing you and revealing myself to you. I am relating to you and making myself known to you, again and again, just as I always have, just as I always will.

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