The Stability You Need

Neil Vermillion —  July 26, 2016 —  Comments

It is my heart’s desire to show you what I know. It is my heart’s desire to show you who I am. It is my heart’s desire to show you my plans, and to offer comfort to you in this present moment by allowing you to understand what is happening now, as well as what is soon to happen. I will open up knowledge for you. I will point you in the righteous direction. I will open doors of opportunity to deposit what you lack.

I will comfort you, not only in your heart and emotions, but also in your circumstances and surroundings. I will comfort you with knowledge, perspective, wisdom, and understanding. And with these things the security of your heart will not be swayed by the events of the day. For you will survey the landscape and see the world through the lens of my plans, my will, and my ways. You will process the status of your state and culture, and do so with a framework of excellence and eternity. You will not be short-sighted. You will not be superficial. You will not be shallow, vague, nor incomplete in what you will see, for I will give you insights and revelation so that you will righteously discern your circumstances and goings on.

So allow me to continue to comfort you, day after day. Allow me to carry your heavy burdens. Allow me to speak to your heart and your mind and offer my comfort and reassurance of all that is transpiring, for it is so easy to allow the cares of this world, and the events of this day, to gradually wear you down, leaving you overwhelmed, tired, and confused. I will grant my perspective and you will see today so differently. I will grant my perspective and your heart will respond with hope and optimism, no longer considering your present suffering and imperfections greater than they really are.

Allow me to comfort you with the surety and stability by offering you the understanding of my plans. And in this place of understanding you will not only grow and thrive, but will have abundance enough to share with those around about you. In this place of understanding my plans you will find your oasis, your shelter, your refuge from the storms presently surrounding you. For you have heard the trumpet sound. You have heard the roar of the fire blazing. You have heard the screams and cries. You have seen and smelt the smoke rolling across the sky.

So as you see these omens, and perceive their nature, continue to inquire of me and allow me to answer them. Ask of me, and allow me to speak to your heart regarding all these terrible things. And in doing so you will find not only my understanding, but also the stability, surety, and confidence you need, not only for today, but for tomorrow as well.

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