The Tangible, Experiential, Visceral Appreciation Of My Process

Neil Vermillion —  March 23, 2018 — Leave a comment

You will come to know as you walk with me, and as you continue to follow me in all your ways, I will faithfully and consistently to not only guide and instruct you, but will also strengthen and empower you. You will come to know my guidance is not merely information, is not merely revelation for your consumption and understanding, but is experiential and relational as well. You will come to know I am also guiding you to, and through, specific experiences, good works already prepared in advance for you. Through these experiences you will come to know Truth beyond intellectual reasoning and comprehension as you are equipped with experiential knowledge. (1)

There is great value in understanding. There is great value in discerning in your heart, mind, and spirit. There is great value in wisdom acquired over the years in order to save you from calamity, turmoil, and pitfalls. There are aspects of understanding not acquired, nor processed, from your mind, but only experience. There are aspects of truth and reality not fully expressed, nor contained, within only one facet of knowledge, but also require activation and integration birthed from experience. (2)

With this balanced and complete perspective you will have not only a greater context to absorb and process revelation, ideas, and truth, but will be sufficiently prepared to also judge and assess quality, gradients, and degrees. I will speak to you, but will also guide you into knowledge by direct revelation. I will also bring you to experiences as well. In these experiences your understanding and discernment will be expanded, as your skills, strength, and capacities are developed and expanded. (3)

In my guidance I am not merely moving you in order to advance your journey. I am also moving you in order for you to acquire experience so you will learn, absorb, grow, and develop according to your needs, and according to my plans for you, both in the short term as well as the long term.

Through this you will learn and come to appreciate the value of the journey, not only valuing the destination, or the end result. You will come to appreciate the value in what you learn, but also in what you experience. As a result, you will possess this appreciation in valuable and meaningful ways, not because they are magical or impractical, but because they are tangible, experiential, and visceral.

(1) Hebrews 10:36, Galatians 6:9
(2) Proverbs 1:5, Ecclesiastes 7:12
(3) Proverbs 2:6, 1 Corinthians 1:25

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