The Teachers I Have Given You

Neil Vermillion —  August 26, 2016 —  Comments

And likewise, as you consider the desires I have given you, do not presume they are perfect, refined, and mature in their initial state. Just as your talents will require process to develop, perfect, and improve, so also time and process will be applied to perfect and refine your desires too. The desires I’ve given you are good and righteous, but your concept and understanding will start small and incompletely. So understand my process will help you, will perfect you, and will enable you to grow in your understanding. So do not resist, nor fear, my process for it will liberate you and elevate you to the place of true and complete fulfillment, though it will strip you of many things as it does.

Only the non-essentials will be stripped of you, for by their very nature they are not necessary. So do not concern yourself with losing what can be taken from you, for what remains is what matters. What remains is what will make the difference. What remains is where you should apply your energy and attention. For the process you experience will reveal to you what is essential and what is not. The process you experience will reveal to you what is real, and what is temporary. It will reveal to you what is valuable and what is not. It will reveal to you who you are in this moment, and also who you will need to grow to become.

For I will train you and teach you through experiences. I will bring you through circumstances so that you will learn the valuable lessons you need grow and develop fully and perfectly. But the lessons you will learn will be difficult at times, and open to your interpretation, and even your misunderstanding. So I will, once again, not leave you alone, but will remain with you, helping you along the way, supplying you with all you lack, giving you much-needed perspective, understanding, and revelation. I will bring to you the right people so you will receive what you need.

I will speak to you, teach you, and give you insights through the mouth of my teachers. I will bring the teachers you need and will speak to you through them, though you will not always recognize my voice when I am doing so. So continue to keep your eyes, ears, heart, and mind open. For my teachers will plant seeds of revelation and understanding within you. My teachers will remind you of what you already know. My teachers will confirm your calling, confirm your plans and desires, and will confirm and help activate talents for the plans already planted deep within you.

And in all these things you will seek me, and will find me. You will hear my message through the voice of my messengers, and you will glean the knowledge and understanding you need to gain. I will guide you, though you will not always recognize my hand. I will teach you, though you will not always recognize my voice. I will perfect you, though you will not always understand my process. I will save and protect you, though you will rebel and resist me at times as I do so.

So consider all these things; your desires, your talents, and the process you experience to develop and understand them. For I am working with you, before you, and after you. I am crafting your story, and bringing you through it all, together with me.

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