The Time For You To Possess And Occupy Your Land

Neil Vermillion —  January 11, 2016 —  Comments

As you allow yourself to grow past your present limits, and enter in to the realms I have in store for you, you will see and realize more and more of what your future holds for you. For there is vision before you, yet it lacks clarity. And as you continue to walk the road laid before you, you will come to see your vision more and more clearly. For I will speak to you and you will hear, and I will show you things and you will see. And what has been cloudy and confusing to you in the past will begin to come clear to you. And you will see and understand, and the timing of events and experiences in your life will begin to make more sense to you.

And in this coming alive and becoming aware in this day, your memory will also visit things from your past as well. For I will bring about specific moments to your recollection and you will see and understand pieces of the puzzle laid before you. And though you desire to reach in to that puzzle and shift it all around and put all the pieces together, rest and trust I know the beginning from the end and all these things will be accomplished in their good and proper time. But for now, observe, see, and understand for it will be life to you if you do. It will sustain and renew you if you will embrace it.

As you continue to walk you will encounter yourself. You will encounter weakness. You will encounter limits. And these are not to be ignored. These are not to be disregarded. For these things are being brought to your attention to help you, to warn you, to assist you. So embrace the difficult, uncomfortable, and even painful lessons I am bringing to your awareness. For as you embrace the truth of these messages you will also be prepared and equipped to overcome all these things.

For I will not bring them to your attention only to leave them, but rather to prepare you for your liberation from, and victory over, them. So as you see these giants in your land, know I am calling out to them, assembling them to you, not for your defeat, but for your victory! Know I am bringing these things to a climax in order to rid them from you. So as you see these things collecting and building in your life, know this is my doing, this is my preparation, this is part of my advancement for you life.

Do not run away from your greatest fears and obstacles in this day, for I am bringing to them to you so you will know the victory is yours. You will experience this victory first hand, not just understand it in your mind. You will walk over these things, not just grasp them conceptually. For this is a time for you to truly possess the land – to truly possess and occupy it according to my plans for you.

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