The Timing Of My Schedule

Neil Vermillion —  July 30, 2018 — Leave a comment

In the days of rapid advancement set before you, do not fear, nor avoid, the situations in which you feel off balance. Do not expect perfection and elegance in every encounter and every task. Do not look through the lens of your expectations as though yesterday’s caution will reward you with predictable and controllable outcomes for tomorrow. Understand the growing pains you experience will be good, though they will be painful.

Do not expect the words and thoughts in your heart and mind to manifest within you quickly, easily, or perfectly. Instead, make yourself ready, but also be prepared to bridge the gap you experience as the reality of this day manifests differently than your expectations and desires of yesterday. In many ways your desires will inspire you and even guide you, but in many ways they will also taint and cloud your perception too. So be mindful of what I have said and what you have understood, but allow the reality of the moment to also influence and impact you so you will be not distracted from the reality of your environment, rather than dreaming and pursuing an aberration formed from your own imagination.

For there is still so much more on its way to you, even this very day. There is still so much to be handed to you, but also so much for you to search, find, and develop too. So in your quest, expect what is unexpected, knowing you will advance according to all I have given you and called you to pursue. You will surely not lose your way, for my light will not only guide you, but will inspire you too, so that your understanding will be complete, and your heart and emotions will not betray you either.

I know your heart and I know your weaknesses. I see how you think, and understand the rationale behind it all. I see all, and know all, and will work to meet you in your place of not only need, but confusion and uncertainty too. With this reminder you can be confident in all things, as I continue to unfold my plans for this day before your eyes, allowing you to walk in the direction of my call upon you, in the manner of my choosing, in the timing of my schedule.

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