The Truth Of Who I Have Made You To Be

Neil Vermillion —  December 12, 2016 — Leave a comment

I want you to know how pleased I am with you. I see where you are now, and the meditations of your heart and mind. I see where you have come from and why you have chosen the path and the steps you did. I see where you are going, and I know the direction in which you are heading. And with this perspective allow me to assure you I am well pleased with you. For there is no condemnation, no accusation against you. There is nothing dividing us or separating us in any way.

So as you feel you are becoming tired and weary, allow me to guide and sustain you. For I know you are weak from time to time. I know you are limited in your ways and ideas and capacity. I know you have good intentions, but often miss the mark. So allow me to open the regions of my heart that will encourage you, empower you, invigorate you, and inspire you. I know you have need of these things, and I am more than sufficient to meet your every need.

For in me you will find all manner of solutions, all manner of delight and satisfaction, all manner of joy, hope, strength, and courage. In me you will find all these, and even more than you imagined. For I am greater than all these things put together, and before me, and in me, all things are held together. So as you see yourself becoming weary and tired, know I am with you still. When you feel you cannot continue, know I am with you, and will sustain you and guide you.

And in all the events and questions you encounter day after day I am with you in them all, and I will never leave you, but will continue to remain with you, and encourage, guide, and empower you to follow and continue to persevere. For I have known you since before you were formed in your beginning, and I have known your every little detail. So trust in me, and trust in my ways, trust in my timing, and trust in my methods. For all of these things will work out for your greater good, being brought to a place of redemption over the course of time.

You will look and see the hand of my involvement, and you will know I am with you, and always have been. You will observe my involvement, and will begin to discard and abandon your former way of thinking. You will see, hear, and feel my spirit, and will grow in your capacity to innovate and recreate as you abandon your former way of living, and embrace the reality of the truth of who I have made you to be already.

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