The Unexplained Mystery Of Who I Am

Neil Vermillion —  December 23, 2016 — Leave a comment

I am shaping your heart and mind daily. As you journey through this world, and absorb and process all your experiences, understand I am working in you, and with you, in all these things. And in my shaping you I am loving you, caring for you as I prune, educate, correct, and strengthen you. Even though the forces against you feel as though they are too strong, understand they serve as mere reminders of the greatness already within you.

For I have planted destiny deep inside you. I have planted tools, skills, and talents deep within you to be unearthed, discovered, and activated in times of urgency and need. So take a moment to reflect on your times of great need, and allow me to give you the insight and understanding you need to be able to process it with clarity and perspective. Allow me to speak to your heart and to your spirit as I clear the debris in your mind, bringing focus to you in the midst of the fog and confusion clouding your judgment.

Work a little less, and relax and little more. Worry a little less, and Unplug a little more. Cast your cares and fears at my feet and watch what I will resurrect, and what I will destroy. For I will remodel and rehabilitate what seems to be lost and damaged beyond repair. And I will demolish and remove that which is no good for you, the things hindering my perfect love for you.

I will set you at a pace you will not only be able to maintain, but will also enjoy. You will taste of my joy and will remain intoxicated on its eternal delight. You will imbibe of my spirit, and will never wander away, nor stray from my side. You will drink my visions and gulp down my love, in a reckless, undignified manner. And in doing so you will disrobe yourself from societal and conventional constraints and will adopt and embrace the truth of the real you I have always intended you to be. You will manifest the heart I have given you, as you demonstrate the gestures and sentiments placed deep within your heart and soul.

So do not fear what you do not presently understand, but instead allow me to draw you out to deeper mysteries, past the realms of reasonable logic. For I will delight you, enamor you, and intrigue you beyond anything you could have ever discovered or manufactured on your own. And I will do so gently, but deliberately, and will do so consistently and paradoxically. So do not allow your mind to filter what I am saying, for in many ways I will speak foolishness to your present paradigm and mindset. But in the midst of this foolishness you will grow if you are willing to embrace the confusion and mystery of what I have set before you tomorrow.

So open your heart and allow me to confuse and confound your way of thinking and living. For I will interrupt all the irrelevant and unimportant cycles that occupy space, but offer no value. And though they will seem important to you, over the course of time you will begin to see and appreciate the liberation you will enjoy as you divorce yourself more completely from the parasitic mindsets of today, as I bring you further and further into the realms of the unknown, unexplained mystery of who I am.

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