The Whispers Of My Voice

Neil Vermillion —  November 2, 2016 —  Comments

As you have remained faithful in the past, so also will you continue to remain faithful in your future. Things have started small for you, but they will not remain small, for I will continue to enhance, increase, and perfect the good work I have already started within you. I have chosen you since before the beginning and will continue to watch over you and shepherd you. And the questions and mysteries before your eyes, the obstacles you cannot seem to overcome, will all be addressed and taken care of in due time, as you grow and develop, and build your history with me, in me.

You come to me with your petitions as though I am unaware. You come to me in your prayers as though I do not already know. But do not let yourself to be so engulfed in your problems and your situation that you keep your ears closed to my voice. Do not be so focused on your struggle that your eyes remain closed to what I show you. Do not reside in panic, anxiety, and fear, so that you do not perceive the move of my spirit in your heart, mind, and circumstances.

For I know the storms are real, and I know the stakes are high. I know all these things matter, and carry great impact for you. I know these things are dear and are not trivial. And it is for this very reason I encourage you to set them at my feet and allow me to carry them for you. Allow your heart to engage with me so you will abide in my peace and confidence. Allow your mind to engage with me so you will have the perspective and understanding you need, no longer operating from delusion or assumption. Allow your eyes to behold what I am saying, so you will see and know and understand, no longer fearful of what is yet to come, but rather sitting in a state of eager anticipation as I reveal not only my plans to you, but also my timing too.

For it is my desire that you are equipped, ready, and prepared. It is my desire that you know me, and are able to cooperate with me – and to do so with great precision, excellence, and understanding. So trust in my plans, but also trust in who I am. Trust in my timing, and trust in my process, but also trust in who I am. For my love for you is great – far greater than you have fully perceived or known – and my desire to redeem and protect is far greater than you have ever known.

So do not abide in apprehension or doubt, letting your days slip away, but reside in the comfort and stability of my great love for you. Abide in the warmth of my embrace as I watch over you day after day, year after year, decade after decade. And as you walk with me, and listen to the whispers of my voice, your heart will remain calm, and your heart will be solid, no longer hurting, no longer fearful, no longer hungry.

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