The Wisdom Of The Peace Of My Rest

Neil Vermillion —  April 8, 2020 —  Comments

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Though you abide in my peace, and in my rest, this does not mean you will accomplish nothing. This does not mean you will be inactive, idle, or unproductive. Your mindset and heart attitude will be very different than residing in your worry, fear, and striving. In your time of activity, continue to reside in the space of my rest and peace. As you do, you will discover newer levels of enjoyment as you continue to accomplish all I have set before you. (1)

You will enter into the pace I have set before you. In this pace you will sustain. You will be able to persevere without burnout, growing weary, or self-destructing. You will not only sustain, but you will blossom and continue to flourish. You will mature and advance, and all the while it will be your joy to do so, for I will open up those doors of reward before you, and surely I will reward your faithfulness and obedience. (2)

The paradox before your mind will provoke you to grow in me, and cause you to deny lies and habits given you from years prior. You will encounter so much expanse and so much revelation that you will be surprised again and again how much is truly available to you. I will open your ears and your understanding. All the little clues, all the little pieces given you in the past will begin to come together, and many of your questions will be answered. It is my desire to reveal all these things to you, my Dear One, and it is in resting in my peace your ears will be more fully open. (3)

In these days you will grow beyond what you are capable in your own strength, for I will water and nurture all I have planted within you, and you will surpass your own expectations. It is in the shadow of my peace, your essence will be preserved, protected, and pruned. In my peace you will not only develop and mature, but will heal as you grow in revelation and understanding. (4)

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