There Is No Mountain That Cannot Be Moved

Neil Vermillion —  January 1, 2020 —  Comments

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In the days ahead I will be activating a new sense of adventure within you. Many have asked, “How long must I wait?”, and “When will my day come to walk in my destiny?”. Surely I am commissioning you for these are the days of great fulfillment and activation into your higher calling, your higher authority, your higher placement, and your higher responsibility. These are before you now and your preparation has already begun, even before you knew it. (1)

As you believe and follow, you will see me deliver you into success and deliver you into the places of favor I have reserved for you. Surely I have seen your faithfulness. I have seen your sacrifice. I have seen your obedience in secret. Surely I will reward those who are faithful to me. (2)

There are coming days of public reward for those who have followed me, for those who have obeyed me in secret. I will promote those who have been faithful, those who have said yes to me fully and consistently. But these advancement and public recognition is not only about reward. This is also about destiny, about placement, and about assignment. (3)

You will say yes, and you will be faithful in your call, as well as the development of your call, for I’ve already seen it finished. I am, and will be, helping you along the way. I am, and will be, preparing you so you will be effective in the placement of your destiny. I am training you through experiences. I am equipping you so you will not be sent out without experience, leaving you incapable. No, I am with you in all things, in all ways, and in all times, particularly in your days and seasons of preparation for the manifestation of the call upon your life. (4)

So rejoice that you have been called. Be glad and rejoice you have been chosen. For many are called, but few are chosen. Know that I have chosen you. Know that I am with you. Know that as you follow me, and stay close to me abiding with me in all things, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome. There is no giant that cannot be defeated; there is no mountain that cannot be moved. (5)

(1) Proverbs 19:20-21, Jeremiah 29:11
(2) Matthew 6:4, 2 Chronicles 16:9
(3) Matthew 6:6
(4) Isaiah 41:10
(5) Matthew 22:14, John 15:16, Matthew 19:26, Philippians 4:13

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