There Is Nothing That Will Be Stolen From Me

Neil Vermillion —  January 2, 2019 —  Comments

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There is no damage I cannot undo. There is no task too big for me. There is no obstacle so great I cannot remove it. In the days ahead of you trust in my plans, trust in my word, trust in the God you’ve known, and know as I have been faithful in your past, so will I remain faithful in your future. The restarting of fires will be uncomfortable. The memories of old will not all be pleasant. But trust in my plans, and trust in my timing for surely the original plans, these original fires burning within you since before the beginning will be brought forth. (1)

There is nothing that will be stolen from me. There is nothing able to delay, stop, or hinder my plans for My Beloved. Even though your path will be flooded with confusion at times, and even though your circumstances will seem to surround you with mountains and giants so large you see no light, trust in me and trust in my plans for you. For there is nothing that will be stolen from me including you, and including the plans I have intended for you. (2)

In days of delays and confusion, continue to trust. The days of confusion and delay will require inner strength in order to fulfill all I have for you. The process of developing this inner strength will not always be pleasant. You will enjoy the results, but the process through which this strength will be developed will be painful at times. With this in mind, do not fear the pain. Do not think or feel you’ve made a mistake and somehow missed my plans or my will for you. Do not think you’re off course, simply because of the pain and difficulty you are experiencing. I will continue to guide you, and yes the path will be surrounded by dark times, dark valleys, and even barren lands that you will have to travel across. (3)

So continue to persevere. Continue to hold on to me, to trust me, and to know I am your good shepherd. Continue to walk with me, though we walk through dark times. Though we experience the darkness, it will only be temporary. This will not be your future, nor the state in which you will reside forever. (4)

So trust you’re on the right path, not because it makes sense, or because it feels good, but because you are trusting in me. Trust you are hearing from me. Trust I am guiding you. Trust I am working on you and through you, even though you do not know it, or understand it. Trust in the hope I’ve placed within your heart and within your spirit, for I am guiding you into the paths of my righteousness according to who you are, and what I have planned for you. Continue to lay hold of the plow and remain faithful with all I’ve put before you. It will require work, sweat, tears, and even sacrifice, but remain faithful, remain steady, knowing I am with you always, even until the end of it all. (5)

(1) Genesis 18:14, Jeremiah 32:27
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(3) Psalm 23:4
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(5) Luke 9:62, Psalm 23:3, James 1:12, Hebrews 3:14

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