In Me All Things Are Held Together

Neil Vermillion —  May 11, 2017 —  Comments

Allow me to share my heart with you, and do not hide your face from me. For I have opened myself up to you, so you can come to not only learn of me, but taste and experience me as well. For I am not merely an idea or concept. I am more than a mindset and a way of living and thinking. I am real, and I am living, and I am interactive and responsive. So do not relate to me as though I am made of stone, but know I am reflexive and responsive in our relationship together.

As you continue to know me and experience me you will find my joy and hope is far more comforting than the toxins of your past. You will find I will add so much value and increase to your life every day, and I will not add any sorrow. I will increase your peace and hope, so that today and tomorrow no longer seem bleak or perilous. I will increase your joy and anticipation, so you are happy today as you look to tomorrow. I will increase your talent, experience, and skills for I will not only participate with you in all things, but I will instruct you and refine your understanding and learning too.

Even though I am your Great Lover, so also I am your Great Instructor. I will teach you all things, even things you’ve not yet perceived you need. I see you and sustain you, and I will protect you from your own demise. Walk in confidence knowing, not only am I your friend, the Lover Of Your Soul, but also the Knower Of All Things. From my library of knowledge I will teach and instruct you in every way, even in ways you’ve not proceeded to measure or discern.

I will speak to you about mysteries and reveal insights into riddles and puzzles. I will explain abstract theories and concepts. I will make all things, not only accessible, but plain, simple, and practical too. For I know all things, and have fashioned all things, and in me all things are held together. Without me nothing was made that has been made. I am before all things, and in me all things are held together.

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