Things Which Do Not Matter

Neil Vermillion —  June 26, 2015 —  Comments

There are so many things before your eyes that do not matter. There are so many things that occupy not only your time, but your heart, that simply do not matter. And the diversions and distractions of this world have captured that which is most dear and precious to me. But do not fret! For I will break in, and resurrect your First Love.

In spite of your wayward tendencies and behavior, I will break in and interrupt your habits, to awaken and revive your First Love. For all I do for you is motivated by my goodness. My patience for you is great, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to the realization of my great love.

So it is with this motivation I am breaking and shaking your silly little habits, your silly little routines and rituals, to liberate you from that which does not matter. I will liberate you, though you will fight and resist me, because I care for you. And I will awaken a greater understanding, a greater perspective, and you will begin to see. And as you begin to see, gratitude within your heart will begin to grow, and you will know my love.

And in this liberation from that which does not matter, you will find the essence of what does matter. And as you taste it, you will desire to consume it, and to be consumed by it. For that which does matter will be revealed to you, and you will become lost within it. You will give yourself completely, holding nothing back. For you will come to know the great value and worth of what I have done for you. And your heart will be moved as you are drawn out to the depths of my riches, the depths of my great, expansive love for you.

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