Thirst For My Word For Those Willing To Listen

Neil Vermillion —  February 27, 2019 —  Comments

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I am giving you a gift of thirst. For those who would spend the time to search me in my word I will give you the gift of being thirsty for my word. There are many layers of knowledge and understanding about myself – not only my plans and my purposes – but myself, and these are the great mysteries yet to be revealed. Even though the fullness of what this means has not yet been revealed, there is still so much to be learned. There is much to be desired and sought after within my word. (1)

As you continue hide my word in your heart, and as you continue to seek me with all your mind and strength, my word will come alive to you, and yes, even I myself will become alive and more real to you. In this quest of searching me, I will grant you a gift that will help sustain you. I will grant you provision so you will not give up, and will not become distracted with lesser things, and this gift to you will be a thirst for me. As you taste of me, you will begin to desire more. As you see my goodness, you will begin to desire more. As you see my mercy, my kindness, and my forgiveness you will surely desire more and more. This thirst will not be easily quenched, nor satisfied by a substitute. (2)

As you seek me, you will find me in my word, and you will not settle for less. You will not be satisfied with another version of me, but will be thirsty for the real and total experience of who I am, the one you have discovered through reading my words. As you seek me in my word, my thoughts and my plans for you will be revealed. You will begin to know me face to face, the way I desire to be known. You will see and marvel at my goodness and my sovereignty. As you gaze upon me, you will become disillusioned with the things of this world, and your appetite for lesser things will diminish.

But this will take some time. This process of transition will require deliberate effort and deliberate choice on your part. This will require consistency and dedication, though this process will be enjoyable for you along the way. As you purpose within your heart to search me, seek me, and find me with all your strength, I will not hide myself from you. I will show myself to you and will help you along the way. It is also my heart’s desire to satisfy you, My Beloved. I desire to bring you so much joy you will not be able to contain it, for in my presence, and in knowing me, there is fullness of joy. (3)

As you seek me in my written, holy word I will show myself to you and you will come to know me. As you know me your joy will be made complete, but remember the thirst you begin to acquire and nurture will not be satisfied with other things. Only I will quench your thirst, and if you drink the water I give you, you will thirst no more, but will be satisfied. From within you will flow the rivers of life, and we will dwell together in all things. (4)

While this may seem a mystery to your mind, know I am speaking to your heart. I am speaking to your innermost being, calling you to deeper realms within me. In this time and season I am calling you to know me by word. I will call you into the very deep things of me, for those who are willing to search me, test me, and know me. (5)

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