Those Whom I Have Chosen

Neil Vermillion —  January 18, 2016 —  Comments

So as I continue to press, and continue push, and continue to inspire, work with me. Accept what I am doing, in the day I am doing it, in the manner in which I am doing it. And do not resist me. Do not resist my timing. Do not resist my messengers. Do not resist those whom I have called and chosen, though they seem unlikely – even unqualified – by your standards. But recognize my spirit upon them, and follow them.

For my hand is upon those you would not have chosen. I have chosen those who have said yes to me in their hearts. And these are the ones I have chosen, the rejected, the weak, the unlovely, the incapable. So do not look to outward appearances the way any human can, but look to my spirit within and upon them. For I have called them, and I have chosen them, and surely my hand is upon them for they have been commissioned for this very hour and season.

As you begin to identify them, know as you cooperate with them and receive them, you are cooperating with me and receiving me. For I have chosen them as my messengers, as my vessels, as my hands, feet, mouth, and mind.

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