Your Thoughts, Emotions, And Actions Will Be Altered

Neil Vermillion —  February 28, 2017 —  Comments

As I continue to reveal your true identity to you, and as you begin to not only see it, but understand it and adopt it, you will see and understand the discrepancies manifesting in your daily life. For as you see yourself more accurately and more clearly, you will identity the issues and behaviors in your own heart and mind that do not match who you are in me. And this will be a very kind and very gentle awakening and reckoning. It will not be brutal, nor abrupt, but will be soft, kind, and gentle. So do not fear what I have to show you, particularly as I reveal true and lasting identity to you. For as I reveal your true self to you, you will see yourself as you truly are, no longer identifying with false and inaccurate notions of who you thought you were.

I will speak truthfully and completely to you. I will not omit significant and relevant details. I will not omit issues that are relevant and pertinent to you today. I will not omit the core of who you are, but rather I will reveal and affirm it. I will not deceive you, or hinder you. I will not hold you back from growing to your fullest potential, but rather I will help you to realize you have been set free already, unleashed from the chains and hindrances that used to bind you. I will speak plainly and truthfully to you, and as a result, you will see and know and trust.

So as you begin to see what is set before you, especially that which has been shown you in the past, you will begin to understand and receive it, no longer rejecting it due to confusion or misunderstanding. For I will show you these great and wondrous things, but I will also affirm them to you as well. I will show you the analysis and itinerary, but I will also establish it in your heart and mind, so you know it is true.

For I know your heart and I know your desires and intentions. I will make it plain and clear, but I will also confirm it to you over and over again so you do not continue to waver and doubt. And in this place of reassurance, the revelation given you will take root and you will realize the truth of who you are in me, and will acknowledge the call upon your life, and will allow it to manifest daily.

For as you see me as I am, you also will see yourself as you truly are. And from this place of knowing, your thoughts, emotions, and especially your actions will all be altered. You will see it come to pass, the days of your greatest desires being fulfilled. You will look to your empty hands, and see them filled with, not only the labor of love planted deep within your heart and destiny, but also the fruit and reward of your cooperation over time. So do not resist what I am showing you, and embrace the path set before you this day, in spite of the difficulties and hardships you may experience.

For you will find these things are but small in comparison to the very great work I am doing in you, and through you, now and forever more.

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