In This Time Of Challenge Do Not Be Fearful

Neil Vermillion —  March 20, 2017 —  Comments

In this day I am working with you to stretch you past your present comfort level. I challenging you and growing you, so understand this is my hand at work within you, and do not resist me. For though you have history with me already I am adding to it. Though you know me already I am still revealing new things to you about myself. So understand this day, and accept the move of my spirit within you, particularly as I stretch you past the comfort zone of your past.

For I desire to see you accept and possess the fullness available to you. I desire to see you walk in wholeness, in maturity, in responsibility, and in wisdom in all things in your life. And so with all this in mind, I am gently pressing you past the comfort zone of yesterday before it solidifies and becomes a limiting hindrance to you.

I see where you are moving and I see the motivation of your heart. I see your circumstances and I understand the way you think. And with this understanding I am able to work with you in spite of differences and preferences you already possess. So I am working through the details and moving past the minutia of all that is irrelevant, and bringing you to a place of focused understanding. For in this state of understanding you will cooperate with me fully, for you will see where I am taking you and you will understand not only my methods, but my timing too.

And so this is a time of challenge for you, but do not be apprehensive or fearful. Do not be concerned for I will not test you above what you are able to bear. I will not leave you, nor abandon you, but will remain faithful to you in every way, again and again, now and forever.

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