Time Of Growing And Accomplishing Much

Neil Vermillion —  December 14, 2018 —  Comments

Even in the night seasons I am speaking to you in dreams. I will give you words, and wisdom in the day and the night, and sometimes you will not be able to immediately understand it all. In the days I will give you visions. In the nights I will give you dreams, and surely I am revealing things to you like I’ve not yet done before. These are days in which I am pouring out my spirit upon all flesh. I am giving to all who are hungry, to all who are thirsty, and to all who continue to knock on the door and make their requests known to me personally. (1)

It is a day of stirring up supernatural gifts and supernatural talents. It is a day of absorbing what has been made available to you, as you begin to walk in the full capacity of the potential within you. It is a day to awaken new desires and purposes as these gifts continue to emerge, grow, and mature.

Be aware your interests will begin to change. What satisfied you yesterday will no longer satisfy you tomorrow. For as you grow and increase the things of yesterday will no longer be sufficient for you. As your mindset continues to grow and increase, so will your appetite for the supernatural. As you mature you will put away childish ways and childish thinking as you mature and develop in response to the unction of my spirit within and upon you. (2)

Even though it will seem uncertain at times, it will seem like a paradox at times, know I am with you in all things, guiding you, training you, and preparing you. I am calling you out to deeper waters, stirring new appetites and imparting new understanding by means of dreams and visions. It is a time of growing together and accomplishing much for the purposes of my kingdom. (3)

(1) Job 33:15, Joel 2:28-29, Psalm 16:7, Matthew 5:6
(2) 1 Corinthians 13:11
(3) Psalm 42:7

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