Time Of Rapid Acceleration Is Already Upon You

Neil Vermillion —  April 23, 2019 —  Comments

In the upcoming days there is much help, much aid to assist you along the way. Do not be surprised by this season as you continue to receive from me the capacity to accomplish and overcome all the obstacles set before you. Surely I am with you and holding up your hands. I will be your sustenance, though the days will be difficult. Even though times will be hard, still you will have the capacity to overcome. (1)

Though you have traveled these paths before and failed, this time you will have the potential to overcome. Though you have extended your hands in the past and received disease, this time you will receive abundance. Your time of healing is here. Your time of increase in strength and endurance is here. Your time to prepare for battle and for victory is here, knocking at your door this very minute. (2)

Do not harden your hearts. Do not ignore the call. Do not neglect the opportunity set before you. I will show myself strong on your behalf, to those willing to step out, move, and receive my training and preparation. Those willing to take action, and move by my spirit, will prepare well and acquire much in this hour, for the time is intense, though it is brief. You will acquire a decade’s worth of experience within a month’s time. You will advance, and do so rapidly, even faster than in the past, even faster than you thought possible. The time for rapid acceleration is already upon you. The cycles of the past will advance very rapidly upon and within you today. (3)

As you continue make your plans, what used to take years will now take weeks. What used to take days will now take seconds. The hour of rapid acceleration is already here, and all this is a sign of the times and the day in which you are living.

For those with wisdom, those who will discern and respond according to the season, you will walk in so much abundance as you cooperate with me in all I am doing on the Earth. You will quickly overcome previous limits and will advance to new heights – heights you have not even conceived yet, for these are my plans for you, for those who will hear my voice, but also take action in response to my call. (4)

Today is like a rocket ready to launch, to go past the known sphere of this world, and to travel to new realms, new worlds, leaving behind what is known, familiar, and possible.

Those who possess wisdom will respond to my voice, for I am calling you out to take action. I am calling you to launch out with great boldness and confidence knowing I am with you in all these things, but also knowing this is the season to take action. Know and trust you will not be left alone, but my spirit, presence, and hosts will be with you night and day, regardless of what scoffers and mockers will say. (5)

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