Time Of Your Refinement And Polishing Details

Neil Vermillion —  December 21, 2018 —  Comments

I am calling out not with a loud voice, but with a whisper. I am whispering to those who have ears to hear. I am calling, speaking ever so softly to hearts, and drawing you away. For there are things before your eyes that have occupied my space. There are things before your heart that need to be discarded. And I will help you to remove all things that need to go. I will show you what should be removed, and what should remain. (1)

Not all things are wicked, but not all things are beneficial, and because I want the utmost benefit for you, I will show you all of these things. Because I want the very best for you I will help you manage, decide, retain, and discard all that is needed through this process of refinement. (2)

I will walk you down the path of remembrance as well as the path of forgetfulness. I will speak to you plainly and make things know to you. I will show you what to remember, just as I will also show you what to forget. There is a great divide and purge coming your way. But do not be alarmed, nor fearful – not even for a second – for I will guide you in all things and I will show you clearly what must go, and what must stay. Yes, I will make it clear and obvious to you what must grow and increase, and what must die and decay. (3)

It is a time of refinement of your understanding and interpretation. It is a time of polishing little details. It is a time of putting away things of your childhood. It is a time of embracing new things as they continue to grow and mature. It is a time of abandoning distractions and things of old that, even though familiar, serve no purpose in your future for the path you are on, and for the destination to which I am taking you. (4)

In this time of refinement, you will grow in your listening skills. It is a time in which you will grow in your observation skills. It is a time in which you will grow in excellence in listening to, and receiving from, me. I will show you my visions, and you will see them all. I will sing you my songs, and you will hear them one by one. I will move on your heart and you will not doubt, nor deny the goodness, joy, and peace of all I’ve made available to you. We will grow close together, heart to heart and face to face, as we continue to refine and polish the littlest of details in your life. (5)

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