Time To Receive Discernment

Neil Vermillion —  August 8, 2016 —  Comments

I am moving you away from mindsets and habits of the past that are limiting you and hindering you. I am awakening understanding and giving perspective to you so that you can see and understand where you are today. And with this understanding you will discern the mindsets you operate from. You will identify habits in your life, both good and bad. You will analyze how you think, you will be aware of how you feel, and you will examine and understand why you make the decisions you do.

For there are so many layers of understanding to be gained. There are so many angles to consider, and so many variables active in your own heart, mind, and life. And because of this there is a tendency to misunderstand. There is a tendency to be confused. There is a tendency to place importance on things which are not important, and to neglect what is truly important.

And because of all the multiple facets to consider all at once discernment will be my gift to you. Discernment will grant you perspective to allow you to see who you are, and how you operate. And with this understanding you will identify these habits and mindsets and be able to understand them too.

So with this understanding you will, once again, realize you have already been equipped to break limiting habits and hindering mindsets. The issues of your heart that have clouded your past no longer have to influence your present, nor your future. And as you continue to receive my discernment you will also see the freedom and liberation already given you as well.

You will see your freedom and know it. You will see what I have afforded you and acknowledge it, and allow it to more fully begin to manifest in your life, day after day as you walk with me, and abide in the fellowship of our love together.

So today, do not be discouraged. Do not feel abandoned. Do not let your hearts be troubled, but believe in me. For I am with you every minute of every day, every single step of the way. And not only am I with you, but I have also brought the freedom you need and desire as well. So do not be downcast, but believe what I am saying, and believe in what I am showing you as you sit with me in this time of receiving my discernment, perspective, and understanding.

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