Time To Come Away With Me

Neil Vermillion —  April 17, 2019 —  Comments

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In this season I want to encourage you to continue to seek and know me just as you have in the past. I am worthy of the very best pursuit and I am worthy of all the sacrifice required to know me. Though you may be distracted at times I will help you. Though you may lose your way, I will guide you. I will grant you grace to persevere. I will be by your side to remove obstacles and help you overcome obstructions in the path of the knowledge of me, for I desire to be known by you, My Beloved. (1)

Yes there are times of duty and responsibility. Likewise there are also so many wonderful times together in which we will share, enjoy, and commune together in all things. The fellowship we will enjoy is a great blessing. It is a necessary part of our relationship, though for some it is a all too rare and infrequent. I want to encourage you to continue to seek me, and pursue the gentle, quiet times together. I desire to bring you closer to my heart so you will know me, love me, and experience me face to face, and heart to heart. There is much reward, restoration, and renewal in these times as you allow yourself to find me and allow my spirit to engage with you fully. (2)

There are things I wish to heal within you. There are things I want to correct within your thinking. There are so many wonderful mysteries yet to be shown to you. And all these will be revealed to you in our times together, in our adventures of sharing and knowing each other. The revelation I have for you is not only information, but is also experience, exploration, and adventure. The revelation I have for you is exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling. (3)

So take time to hide away with me. Take time to forget about lesser things, and be willing to come away with me in secret so you can know me face to face. You will see the things that once held your attention begin to fade away, and you will see, hear, and feel all I am, and all I have for you more clearly. Your reward will begin today, and will continue to increase level by level, little by little as we spend more time together consistently and faithfully. (4)

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