A Time To Embrace Your Call And Destiny

Neil Vermillion —  January 23, 2020 —  Comments

As days continue to pass you’ll find yourself becoming more and more sensitive to my spirit. To those who want to listen, I will speak. I will open their ears. I will open their channels of discernment so they can know me by spirit more freely. I’ll help remove the blockage and hindrance, both in their minds as well as in their hearts. I’ll help remove the clutter and debris. I’ll help increase the volume of my voice in their life so they will be sure not to miss anything. (1)

I am helping you to focus. I’m helping get your vision completely clear. In times past, as things have been foggy you didn’t have all the pieces and you asked yourself, “where am I going?”, and “what is the plan?”, but this will not be the sentiment for you for this season. Yes there has been confusion, and yes the road has been foggy at times, but I will remove the fog and confusion as I alleviate the uncertainty and anxiety that has spawned as a result.

Trust in this time and season I’m making the path clear before you. I’m helping refine your vision and helping remove the fog from before your eyes. I’m causing your heart to focus and causing your heart to purge and remove hindrances and unnecessary rubbish that serves only to weigh you down, confuse you, and instill fatigue and overwhelm. (2)

Surely it is my desire you are focused, busy about what’s important. Surely it is my desire to place you to positions of greatness and prominence. Surely it is not my desire for you to be confused about your purpose, your business, or your destiny in me. So I am helping you along the way. I am giving you the capacity for tunnel vision so you will not be distracted with everything surrounding you, competing for your attention, affection, and resource.

Today is a time of busyness. Today is a time where many things will happen all at once. As the season of this age continues to advance and mature, this busyness will not stop. It will not decrease, so I’m giving you focus to help you along the way.

Not only am I giving you focus, but I’ll also give you greater discernment too. This discernment will accelerate your learning and will boost your confidence how to proceed. Your discernment will allow you to distinguish between what needs to be removed, and what needs to be kept. Your discernment will allow you to distinguish between what needs to increase, and what needs to decrease.

Even though your discernment will seem odd, will seem counterintuitive, and will seem disorganized at times trust I will guide you in the right things, allowing you to make the right choices at the right times. These are my plans for you – to help you prosper. These are my plans for you to succeed and thrive with all I’ve planted deep within you. It’s time to awaken it all. It’s time to embrace your calling and embrace your destiny as you put your hand to the plow, without looking back. (3)

(1) Matthew 11:15, Revelation 3:22, Proverbs 25:4
(2) Proverbs 3:5-6, John 15:2
(3) Jeremiah 29:11, Luke 9:62

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