Time To Face The Giants In The Land

Neil Vermillion —  November 26, 2018 —  Comments

Surely this is a time to express and demonstrate the destiny I have for you, and in this day you will advance to the next level in the sequence of my plans for you. This is a day to walk into challenges and things previously thought to be impossible, and to begin to put your hand on those things and declare, but also to know, they are defeated. All of these have been overcome; they are under your feet. (1)

This is a time to confront limitations. It is a time to confront all the things that have caused delays and setbacks. It is a time to recognize things that have hindered you, and to confront these things and to begin to overcome them. It is a time to press past them, but also a time to kill such things and bury them forever, never to be looked upon again. (2)

It is a time of freedom. It is a time for you to pick up your weapons and tools and prepare yourself for the task at hand, knowing you are free to accomplish all I put before you, and all I have called you to pursue, develop, and apprehend. I will empower you to work hard and to accomplish much. I will work with you, side by side, to allow you to possess the things I have planned for you, even surpassing your own expectations. (3)

But in this time of preparation I am requiring you to face things you have hidden from. I am requiring you to face the giants in your land and see them face to face, no longer hiding from them. It is a time to not only confront them, but to overtake them. This process of confrontation will definitely require you to break your old mindsets. It will require you to trust in me like you have not done in the past. Regardless of your history with me, you will be challenged to face the things I am putting before you this day. But remember, your challenge and your obedience, will not go unrewarded. (4)

Take hold of courage, for I am with you and I am mighty in battle. This day I am bringing you to the place where you will overcome. So run, do not walk, nor hesitate, nor procrastinate. Run with perseverance and run with courage, without hesitating even for an instant. I am with you in all things, so run into your challenges; run into your enemies; run towards the things that have previously kept you bound. For as you do, you will see me fight for you. You will see me fight alongside with you. You will see yourself begin to walk in victory, though it will be difficult at times. (5)

Now is a time for you to begin to taste the victory you have imagined. Now is a time for you to begin to believe and trust in me like you’ve not done before. For surely as you face the giants in your land, you will surely overcome them as I give them into your hands. (6)

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