Time To Stretch Past What You Already Know

Neil Vermillion —  January 7, 2019 —  Comments

This is a time of building inner strength. You’ve done well with the lessons you’ve learned in the past, but now it’s a time to stretch past what you know, and to exercise your strength in new levels and in new dimensions. I am putting specific tasks before you along with specific challenges to help build you inner strength. I’m helping you grow your endurance so you will be able to finish strong. I am helping you learn to withstand pressure so you will not give up too quickly. I am giving you opportunities to practice your focus and enhance your ability to persevere. (1)

These are only lessons. There is still much work ahead of you, but for now, we are learning these lessons together so you can grow and be prepared for the upcoming seasons work and labor before you. Now it is a time to birth the vision I’ve laid before your eyes – the implementation of new ideas and the refining of ideas of old. There are certain pains you are experiencing whose purpose is to press you past where you have been, for there is still an entirely different realm of experience waiting to be revealed to you, and within you.

Do not be alarmed. Do not be discouraged by the pressures you’re feeling. Don’t be confused. Don’t feel as though you’ve made a mistake or that you’re being punished. I am drawing you past your comfort zone, so you will grow you into a place of greater maturity, greater responsibility, but also greater reward. Continue to press past the state you are presently occupying, and don’t be afraid to work hard, even late into the night when required. This is a temporary season, in which I am building the necessary strength, but also the necessary wisdom and skill. I am building this within you to equip you to not only finish the race, but to win it. (2)

(1) 1 Corinthians 9:24, Romans 5:3-5
(2) 1 Peter 4:12, Luke 16:10

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