Today Is Important For What It will Accomplish

Neil Vermillion —  July 3, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to see my work moving forward throughout the Earth, understand this season of expanse is important. It is crucial. It is setting you up for things yet to come. And though this season is important, it is not yet final. The final hour has not yet arrived, though we move towards that day, hour by hour.

So this day is important for what it will accomplish. And as time passes, the time continues to grow shorter and shorter as The Day continues to come closer and closer, making each day more and more important, more and more valuable.

So do not hesitate. Do not wait. Do not doubt. Move forward in faith, believing. Move forward trusting in my timing, trusting in my provision, trusting in what I have already shown you, and trusting in my heart for redemption. For all these things are according to my plans. And I will continue to reveal them to you, my Dearly Beloved, as time goes by.

And you will see it all come to pass, those who choose to remain faithful. And as you do, as you see my plans continue to grow and mature, all attention on the Earth will be brought to my son, and to The Bride Of My Son.

And it will be a great time for many, but it will be a terrible time for many too. So make yourself ready now, while you still can. For this day will come upon you like a thief in the night and those who have no oil in their lamps will not have time to fill them. So he who is wise will take the necessary time to fill their lamp with oil now, before that great and terrible day. For those who are prepared will delight in the return of my son. And those who are not prepared will despise that day.

So look sharp. Understand the season of the day and hour in which you are living, and continue to make yourself ready, day after day. For I am coming quickly!

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