Today Is The Day Of Great Salvation

Neil Vermillion —  October 9, 2018 —  Comments

Today is the day of great salvation. There is much chaos coming in the days and times ahead, but know and trust I am awakening minds, stirring hearts, and shaking foundations and establishments – shaking all that can be shaken. The shaking and stirring is accelerating the days in which you are now living. It is a time of seasoning and a time of cooking. A time of preparation and maturing; it is a time to make things ready. (1)

My heart is calling out to all, that none would perish but all would come together to enjoy the marriage, to partake in the great wedding. Surely all are invited, though few will accept the invitation. I am sending you out with a message that’s near and dear to my heart. (2)

At times your heart will burn with my message. You will feel compelled to go into the streets and sidewalks and move among my people, and inspire them, share with them, and love them. I will burn within your heart and your inner man a message that cannot remain silent. I am putting a message within your mouth. I will speak through you. I will give you the words to say. I will not send you out without purpose to wonder aimlessly, but will guide you. I will bring you to them, and I will bring them to you. You will come together and there will be many divine appointments I have arranged. (3)

And even now, as you hear my still, small voice know I am moving and stirring within you, compelling you to move, compelling you to stand up, compelling you to proclaim the day of salvation to all who have not yet heard, to those who do not yet know. (4)

It is my heart’s desire that none would perish. For I am the good shepherd who would lay down his life for his sheep. And I am the good shepherd who is willing to leave the ninety-nine in order to find and rescue the one lost sheep. I do not consider it adequate to have the only the ninety-nine because my heart burns and longs for the lost, to draw them into the flock and to bring them into the family. It is not a small or trivial thing for me. It is my passion. It is my heart’s desire. (5)

So as your heart begins to burn, and this burn becomes uncomfortable, know it is my spirit burning within you, compelling you to get out to the streets, and the sidewalks, and to the highways, and the media, and the meetings and to share the good news of my kingdom. For today is the day of salvation. I am calling you to join with me in this hour, for the day is at hand. Behold, I am coming quickly and I am bringing my reward with me. (6)

(1) Hebrews 12:27, Psalm 90:12
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(4) Romans 10:14-15
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