Together We Will Work To Accomplish Many Great Things

Neil Vermillion —  February 18, 2019 —  Comments

In times of hardship and struggle, and in the storms of your life, lean on me. I will be your rock; I will be your strength; I will provide you with the means to sustain and to overcome. There will be many trials and many struggles in your life. There will be hardships come your way, so do not run away. Do not retreat from your difficulties, but instead launch forward to meet them, and face them directly. Together we will overcome them all. We will face the trials. We will face the difficulties, and together we will accomplish many great things. As you continue to submit to my spirit and allow me to guide you and direct your plans, I will bring you into the path of great fulfillment and great satisfaction. (1)

But know this path will require much from you, and in fact, will require more than you would choose for yourself to endure. But also know I see you finished. I know the plans I have for you, and I see how things will end. For this reason my plans are very different than the plans you would make for yourself. Though you have good desires and want to obey, you want to follow, you want to do the right thing, you also lack the perspective to navigate adequately and optimally. There are many things not known to you, and much timing that will need to be synchronized together in order for things to align and work out perfectly. (2)

So allow me to guide you and allow me to send you on your way in due season. Do not be in a hurry, but instead trust and know I am with you, guiding you along the way to help you reach your destination and help you finish out strong.

I will be your refuge. I will help you in times of need, in times of fear, and in times of hardship. I will offer my strength to you to help you overcome all these obstacles, as I give you perspective and encouragement so you can endure and finish all I have put before you. Continue to come to me and follow me heart to heart, as I continue to protect you and guide you step by step.

Surrender yourself to me and allow me to work in your heart and spirit. All the lessons needed for your maturity, I will surely grant to you, as I sustain you. I will give you strength to not only initiate and accomplish but also to finish and to win the race. You will not run out of energy or be starved of your vision, for I will sustain you as you draw on me time and time again. (3)

Not only will I give you strength, but I will also give you courage. I will not set you above what you are able to bear, but will provide a way out for you in every circumstance, though at times it will be difficult without a doubt. I will impart strength to your heart, so you will not be overcome with fear, but instead will walk in courage knowing I am with you, and knowing the full destiny and assignment laid out for you. (4)

Your mission is great, and with it will come with many challenges, delays, and hardships. But know, in the end, the reward will far outweigh the difficulties from the struggles. Know I will give you not only strength and courage, but also I will give you determination so you will finish. I will be with you to fortify the call upon your life, and I will be with you in the secret struggles no one knows about. I will grant you my perspective so your heart will not fail you, and you will not lose your way. (5)

My determination will sustain you. Even though it may cost you everything along the way, you will finish in the end. You will accomplish all I have set before you in this race, and you will not only finish, but will run the race with such vigor and energy as if to win, as you continue to come to me, draw from me, and know me in perfect union and fellowship in all things. (6)

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