Transformation Into Agents Of Mercy

Neil Vermillion —  February 26, 2020 —  Comments

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My heart of mercy towards you is never-ending. When you hurt, stumble, or fall I am moved with compassion because I see your need. I see where you are, and I see why you do the things you do. There is nothing hidden from me, not even your intentions or motivations. When you feel down and rejected, know I am with you and I love you even still, accepting you and loving you just the way you are. (1)

My mercy for you knows no bounds. It is not able to be measured, nor contained, nor fully understood. I have moved so many obstacles between us, obstacles you could never move for yourself, and I did all this because I love you, and because my mercy for you is great. So know this, when you need me most my heart of mercy is near you. When you feel lost, my heart of mercy is there for you. When you feel weak, inadequate, and incompetent my mercy is there for you, to cover you, to hide your shame, to remember your faults no more, to comfort you, and to remind you of my great love and unconditional acceptance. (2)

It is in my mercy I reach out towards you again and again. It is in my great mercy I continue to remain patient. It is in my mercy I continue to reveal myself to you time and time again, in spite of your doubt and unbelief. Like my love for you, my mercy is great, and I desire to soak you in my mercy that you may go and enjoy it for yourself, and for those around you.

It is my plan for you to experience and encounter my mercy so it will change and transform your life. In this place of transformation, you will become agents of my mercy throughout the Earth. You will not only be messengers, but also demonstrators. You will not be people who only speak of it, but will be those who embody and demonstrate it as well. All this will happen as you continue to experience it first for yourself. (3)

Come before me, sit with me, and allow me to shower you with my mercy. Drink deeply from the well of my mercy, and allow yourself to be transformed into an agent of mercy, distributing it wherever you go, to everyone you meet. This world that I love so much, and these people whom I love so much, are in terrible need of my mercy, so do not be shy. Do not be hesitant, but let yourself become extravagant in my mercy, giving away as much as you can, to everyone you possibly can. (4)

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