Trust In My Love For You

Neil Vermillion —  June 9, 2016 —  Comments

As you remain faithful to my path and the process I have initiated in your life, you will be surprised how quickly all things will develop and manifest. For in this day, and in your past, things have seemed to mature so very slowly. In so many ways it seems as though you are in the same place you were decades ago. But trust in me and remain faithful, and you will see all my plans come to pass in the fullness of their glory. And it will happen upon you suddenly!

For your perspective is small and limited. Your knowledge is incomplete. Your strength is weak. So do not rely on these things to bring you to your destination. Do not rely on the strength of your flesh, for it will give way. Do not rely on the strength of your mind, for what you know is limited and inadequate. Do not base your decisions solely upon your own perspective, for you do not have all the information, nor all the pieces to the puzzle.

But listen to my voice and follow my spirit. I have brought you to this place, and will continue to bring you to the place of your fulfillment. For my plans are for you, not against you. My will is to bless you, not to harm you. My strength is to serve and protect you, not to harm or destroy you. So surrender your confusion and apprehension to me and let go of the fears to which you cling to so tightly, as if they could ever help or save you. Cling to me and you will walk in security and stability. Acknowledge my will and my plans, and you will abide in single-mindedness, no longer wavering back and forth in your plans or your ways.

Accept what I am saying to you this day, and do not doubt – for doubt interjects and introduces compromise. Accept what I say and rely on me, and you will not be disappointed. You will not finish empty handed. You will not be put to shame. For I will make you and I will keep you. I will save you and I will preserve you, for this is my will for your life.

So even though things look contrary to your conventional wisdom, do not be apprehensive, do not doubt, do not fear. Trust in me. Trust in my heart for you. Trust in my will for you. Trust in my love for you, knowing I will save you, keep you, protect you, and preserve you time and time again.

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