Trust In The Direction I Have Set Before You

Neil Vermillion —  April 26, 2018 — Leave a comment

As I speak to you today, trust in the direction of my hand. For I am moving you towards the direction I have intended for you, and you will find it will be good. There is an accusation within your heart that makes the claim of doubt. But as you follow me, and walk with me hand in hand, over the course of time you will experience my faithfulness and will find that my will for you and my plans for you are good, not bad. My desires for you will advance you, not destroy you. My heart is to see you grow, thrive, and prosper, and to do so in a righteous manner, full of joy and fulfillment today, as well as the future.

Trust in the movement I have set before you, for I am guiding you into the environment of necessary experience. There are capacities within you that will not be awakened as you sleep, but will only emerge as you are active. So allow me to activate all I have placed within you, for the goodness in store for you will become fully realized and fully manifested as you continue to walk with me in the direction I have intended for you.

Trust in me when you see the storm on your horizon, for you will surely encounter many storms. Trust in me when it seems as though I am leading you in the manner that seem backwards or illogical. Trust in me when the pace seems too slow, or when the pace of advancement seems too fast. Trust in me, for I am fully aware of who and where you are. I am fully aware of all that is needed. As you trust in me, you will not be disappointed. As you trust in me your capacity to trust will increase, so it will become easier, allowing you to follow more quickly, more completely. (1)

Though trusting in me will not always make sense to your rational mind, as you learn who I am through experience, your heart and capacity for trust will grow and increase. You will forget how to doubt, and will forget that you ever did.

All the shame and failure will be wiped away. All the foolishness of the past will be forgotten, and you will no longer harbor the ill emotions of your youth. You will imbibe my joy, from the fruit of my vine. For my wine will bring joy unspeakable, and peace immeasurable. My joy will not leave you, but will remain with you always. My joy will be sustained and will never forsake you. In the days of darkness, when you cannot see which direction to turn, my joy will surround and envelope you, assuring you and sustaining you of not only this moment, but also greater truth and freedom yet to come as well. (2)

(1) John 14:1
(2) Psalm 4:7-8

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