Trust In Who I Am

Neil Vermillion —  July 5, 2016 —  Comments

Though you have been given perspective and insight, understand there are still so many details yet to be revealed to you. There is still so much to be unfolded before you, and you will be surprised and amazed by it all. You would be overwhelmed if I showed you everything all at once. So continue to walk in the direction I have set you upon, but know there is still more in store for you. There is so very much more for you.

For what you have seen is right, and good, and true, but it is still incomplete. There are layers of understanding yet to be revealed to you, so understand this as you continue advance in your journey. Understand the walk of faith will be required of you, but it will also be your delight and reward. It will be your adventure and fulfillment to see it all grow and develop before you, and within you. Do not be surprised as you see your course change along the way. Do not be surprised as you perceive new developments and new additions, for these things surely will come.

And though you do not know it all, have not seen it all, do not understand it all, trust in the process, the timing, and the plans I have in store for you. Though you do not fully know the details of my plans for you, you know the originator. You know who I am, and what I will do, so do not allow these details to become an unnecessary obstacle to you. For all these little details will be known and revealed over the course of time, as is needed and good. So move forward in faith, knowing, believing, and trusting in who I am, and also in my plans for you.

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