Trusting In My Timing

Neil Vermillion —  February 28, 2020 —  Comments

I know the path you are traveling. I have seen it from before the beginning and I know precisely where you are right now. Not only do I see where you are presently, but I also see where you are going. I know your destination, but I also know the pace and the rate at which you are traveling. These things seem to be hidden, and seem to be confusing to you, but they are plain for me to see. (1)

So because I understand where you are going, I am guiding, helping, and directing you so you will not only arrive at the right place, but will also arrive at the right time. Timing is important. Though you may arrive at the right place, you may arrive too early, or may arrive too late. With this in mind, I am helping you to not only find the path, but to travel this path at the right pace so you arrive at the optimal time too. (2)

While the destination is important, understand I am working in your heart, mind, finances, and circumstances to help you arrive at the right time. I am going to help you, just as I always have, to find the path and to make your appointment on time.

I am keenly aware of timing, and I have worked all things out already. Even though at times it seems I am uninvolved, or seems I am moving you too slowly, I want to encourage you to trust in my timing, for I see and know all things. I see the end. I see the beginning. I see the middle. I see all things in between, as well as things you do not even know of. (3)

(1) Isaiah 46:10, Hebrews 4:13, Matthew 10:30
(2) Psalm 31:14-15, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 32:8
(3) Habakkuk 2:3, Isaiah 30:21, Jeremiah 33:3

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