Trusting In My Will For Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  February 17, 2017 — Leave a comment

Do not worry about tomorrow, for there is so much beyond your scope of understanding, and so much beyond your ability to control and influence. There is far too much for you to direct your attention towards today, in this very moment, rather than obsessing and worrying about tomorrow. For I have already taken care of tomorrow, and have done so with the same diligence and excellence as I have taken care of today. I have already established these things in my heart, and in my agenda, so do not concern yourself with such events, for you cannot control their outcome regardless.

What value can you add to your life by worrying? What enhancement will you gain by the stress of fretting over tomorrow? What benefit can be gained at all?

But trust in me, again, as you did when you were a child, before you learned to doubt, before you experienced disappointment, before you sought the comfort of your own rationale. When you put your trust in me, do so knowing I already hold you in the palm of my hand. Do so knowing I am the one giving you air to breath and rhythm to your heartbeat.

Trust in me as if I could move in any direction at any time. Trust in me as if I am all knowing, all powerful, and ever present. Trust in me as if I know all things already, and have everything worked out.

Trust in me in the here and now, and let tomorrow take care of itself. Trust in me for the guidance for the tasks at hand, and do not worry about preparation for tomorrow. For how can you move in opposite directions simultaneously? But trust in me, and allow me to steer your thoughts, circumstances, and emotions, for you will discover I am supremely reliable. You will discover I am more than trustworthy. You will discover I can redeem and correct your mistakes, as well as prevent them from every happening in the first place.

You will come to see and know the trivial details you use to validate your thoughts, as truly worthless as you compare the glory of my splendor with, not only what lies ahead, but what you have experienced and known already. So do not worry about today, tomorrow, or yesterday, but instead trust in my will for your life, as well as your immediate future. Trust in me, even though you do not always understand, or like, the actions I take as I guide and direct your life. Trust in me, because I love you, and will do the very best for you, even better than you would do for yourself.

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