The Truth Of My Great Love For You

Neil Vermillion —  March 29, 2016 —  Comments

For all these things are motivated by my perfect love for you. I have reconciled all things, and have brought you to a place of perfect union and fellowship together. I have made myself available to you, and we have become one. So allow this truth, and this perspective to soak in your heart and mind today. As you consider the world, the people you encounter, the events you experience, open your eyes to see and enjoy our union together.

For I am constantly speaking to you. I am constantly loving and affirming you. I am constantly pursuing you and reaching out to you. For I am limitless in my love. I am limitless in my creativity and capacity to express my love for you. I am limitless in my diligence and patience in touching your heart.

So as you open your ears, and close the noise and drivel bombarding your mind, you will hear me. As you slow your anxiousness, and calm your selfish perspective and ambition you will feel me. As you open your eyes to the moment you will see me. For I am with you in every way, every day. I am speaking and I am revealing, even though you do not always perceive, see, hear, or feel me.

So come to be, for I am near you. Open your heart to me and I will speak. Open your eyes and I will show you. Open your ears and you will hear me. I will show myself to you. I will reveal myself to you without delay. I will open my heart to you and you will experience my great love for you again and again, and will do so in ways that are beyond your comprehension and expectations.

For I am a great mystery, far beyond what you think. I am The Beginning. I am that which is immeasurable. I am The End. I am unmatched. I am everything in between. So as you relax and receive from me you will come to know me as I truly am, not as you think I am. And I will surprise you and delight you. I will startle and challenge you. I will shock and surprise you. I will guide you and love you.

And your heart will grow ever so confident in my nature. You heart will become unshakable in my love for you. And you will come to know the identity and role I’ve placed upon you and within you, and you will no longer see me the same. For you have diminished my nature and have made me explainable. You have defined me and limited me. You have measured me and confined me. But you have only done so in your own mind.

I will continue to increase what I have already given you. I will continue to enhance and multiply that which is small within you. I will continue to remain faithful and develop, protect, and nurture the good things I have already initiated in you. For I am the Good Gardener, willing and able to tend and nurture you, but also willing and able to prune you too. And I will cut off all that hinders my love for you, all that blocks and distorts the truth of my love for you.

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