Uncovering The Confidence You Have In Me

Neil Vermillion —  August 13, 2015 —  Comments

For my path for you is simple. Though it does not always seem easy, understand it is very simple. I’ve laid it before you without confusion, without complication, without unnecessary diversion. I’ve given you the path that is straightforward, plain to see, simple to follow if you know me by my spirit.

For it is my plan for you to walk you through the simple path and to remove the yolk of heaviness so you can embrace and receive the yolk of ease. For my burden for you is light, and the yolk for you is easy. It will be contrary to your mind at times. It will be contrary to your culture at times. It will be contrary to your comfort zone at times. But in spite of all this, it will bring you to life everlasting, to life abundant. And in this place of abundance you will thrive.

So as you come close to me, and allow me to influence your heart, mind, and spirit, you will come to find the simple path I’ve marked out for you. And in this simplicity you will discover the confidence you have in me, the hope you have in me, the power and potential you have in me. And your fears and confusion will melt away as your eyes continue to learn to see things from my perspective, in truth and understanding.

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