Understanding How To Respond In The Moment

Neil Vermillion —  August 2, 2018 — Leave a comment

You will discover as you encounter my great love, that all the things seeming to be important in this moment will begin to fade in their value, worth, and importance in comparison to and contrast against who I am, my love for you, and all I have in store for you both individually as well as collectively. While there are priorities and responsibilities of this day that are good and right, noble and worthwhile, there are also other things much greater in terms of their eternal value and lasting impact.

So with this in mind be aware of who you are, and be aware of all that is transpiring within your life, not just for the here and now, but also for what is still yet to come. Fix your heart and thoughts on things above, not on Earthly things, for you died with me, and have been raised with me so you no longer live, but I live in you. Adjust your perception and expectations according to what I am saying and revealing to you in this moment, and do not continue to function and process your life from your own perspective. Rely on me and adjust yourself with me. Engage with me and absorb all I am revealing and giving to you to this hour.

For what I am setting before you, and setting you within in this hour, is not only for the significance of this day, though this is true and worthwhile, but also for things yet to come. This perspective of timelines will certainly shape and shift your own understanding not only of who I am, but of who you are in me. So drink deeply and frequently from the fountain of my great love and allow my spirit to permeate and infiltrate every aspect of who you are.

You see yourself from one angle but I see you from them all. As you engage with me through the paradigm of my love you will begin to see yourself more and more closely to the way I see you. You will understand my plans and will understand the talents I’ve given you. You will understand how to respond from one day to the next, according to what I am giving you in the moment.

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