Understanding The Realm Of Your Calling

Neil Vermillion —  May 11, 2016 —  Comments

I am moving and shaking and stirring and guiding in these days. In many ways these are days of rapid advancement, but for others these are days of significant birthing. Both of these trends and activities will be happening simultaneously. These are days in which I am unraveling and introducing the opportunities that have been decades in the making. These are days that you have been preparing for, whether you realized it or not. Some will move quickly, but others will move big.

So take inventory and inquire to discern which season you are in. Are you in rapid advancement, or are you in significant birthing? If you do not know inquire of me and I will reveal it to you. I will reveal your group to you, but I will also confirm it to you as well. For it is my desire that you not remain in doubt or uncertainty, but that you move ahead with confidence knowing and understanding exactly what is happening, and exactly how you are to respond to it.

For those moving quickly, continue to keep your eyesight on the long term perspective. Continue to keep your gaze on the mile markers, not in the details of the day. Keep your work load light, keep your responsibilities thin, keep your agenda and schedule fluid and flexible. For in these days you will be moving quickly and there will be many changes. There will be many additions and many things will emerge only to dissolve. There will be surprises revealed, but not all will be permanent. So cautious in making long term plans or permanent changes in this season, for if you do they may be washed away as sand castles on the beach are washed away with the incoming tide.

Do not be discouraged to see things dissolve, fail, or fade away whether good or bad. For in these days many things will be initiated and many things will be removed. Understand there will be a lot of turnover. There will be a lot of transition and innovation, and with this the landscape will be rapidly evolving beneath your very feet. Not everything will be moving, shifting, or changing, but the majority of the landscape will be in transition. Not everything will be washed away, but keep in mind the large volume and large degree of transitions as you are choosing to respond to your daily events, and especially as you are considering long term plans.

For those moving bigly, understand you will function as pillars in these days of others moving rapidly. You will receive promotion and advancement and it will seem as though it has been thrust upon you quickly. Of course it has been decades in making the preparation, but you will begin to see doors suddenly open that previously had been sealed shut. And as you see these strategic and significant doors open before you understand the doors to your neighbor may continue to remain sealed tightly, for not every person is advancing bigly at this time.

Those advancing bigly are moving as a key foundational positions, and this is not for the masses. Their time will come, so do not concern yourself with them, but be wise and alert regarding your stewardship of today and being presented before you. For your movement will be very big and very grand, but it will not be a surprise to you.

You will see the doors open and it will make perfect sense to you, and you will understand why you had to wait so many years in preparation in order to occupy this space. You will understand the process, trials, relationships, and lessons learned. They will all culminate together in your process of developing clarity as my perspective and my timing are revealed in these moments. So as you see these events forming and emerging, recognize this day and capitalize upon it. Take action and move in the direction I’ve invested in your heart. For as you do you will surely begin to possess your land and occupy the space of your destiny as you continue to mature in the realm of your calling.

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