Unexplainable Mystery

Neil Vermillion —  May 30, 2016 —  Comments

I know you desire routine. I know you desire structure. I know you desire answers and logic. I know you desire predictability. I know you desire these things, and surely I have granted them to you already. But though you desire these things do not be so zealous in your quest that you ignore, even deny, the mysterious, intangible, supernatural aspects of our life together.

For you are not one-dimensional, desiring and needing only what can be seen with the eye, or measured with the hand. Do not deny your present reality in this physical world, but do not deny the intangible, elusive qualities either. For I am mysterious. I am a puzzle. I am not easy to explain or comprehend. In your desire for logic do not be tempted to diminish my nature in order to satisfy your cravings. In your desire for structure and predictability do not reduce my nature, my will, my plans, or any other aspect of who I am to something easy-to-define, something easy-to-explain.

For surely my ways are not your ways. So allow yourself the luxury of not knowing it all, as you simply embrace the mystery and adventure of who I am. Allow yourself to be in wonder and amazement. Allow your curiosity to grow, and to do so without the constant need to be satisfied or pacified. For there are many things beyond your scope of perception, many things beyond your comprehension. So do not be limited by only your natural senses, but also embrace your intangible, spiritual nature within you too.

For in doing so you will open yourself up to me in new ways. You will grow and increase in your sensitivity to my spirit as you shift your paradigm away from the logic, fact-based perspective to also allow for that which is beyond your natural order. Allow the full aspects of your humanity to interact with the full aspect of my supernatural nature. For in doing so you will lose nothing, but will gain additional insights, additional perspective, additional enjoyment as well as enhancement of your present experiences.

So embrace the mystery presented to you this day, and allow yourself the patience and luxury of not having everything already figured out. Allow yourself to live in this moment, embracing all things set before you, even that which is totally, and completely, unexplainable to you.

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