Union And Fellowship With Me

Neil Vermillion —  October 2, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to persevere you will come to the end of your own limits. You will quickly discover how inadequate your own strength truly is. But as you continue to remain faithful you will experience my strength again and again. And as you do, you will come to know and trust not only my plans, but my heart for you day after day.

For in your heart you are independent. In your mind you are separate. In your thinking and planning you have not considered me, nor the plans that have already been established since before the foundations of the Earth. So as you encounter your limits, you will also encounter my grace. And in the space of my grace your heart will come alive as you surpass your limits, not by your own strength and effort, but in union with me and what I already have in store for you.

But though I request, encourage, and inspire you to seek knowledge of me, understanding of me, and fellowship with me, you are still reluctant to do so. And as such, you make your plans without me. But as you allow yourself to imbibe of what I’ve already done, as you allow yourself to accept the reality already created, already present, already accomplished, you will learn to cease with creation and construction of your sand castles as you learn to observe and cooperate with the tides.

For the waves of my tide will come in season, according to my timing, my schedule, and my purposes. And as you continue to learn of me more and more, and accept the reality and truth I reveal to you, you will see the wisdom of uniting yourself with me, and in me. And you will abandon your vain imaginations as you drink from the cup of my trust, my truth, and my perspective. Your idols will lose their appeal, and your self-serving, ulterior motives will crumble and vanish as wave after wave washes them away.

And you will move from independence into dependence. You will move from vain imaginations into true revelation. You will move away from your own efforts in order to abide in my strength. And as you do, it will be so sweet for you. It will be so good for you. It will be a blessing as you unite yourself with me, in my ways, in my timing, in my plans, and in my truth. For in union and fellowship with me all these will be given you, and even more. There is still so much, much more. And in our union together, the union I’ve already made available to you, we will encounter, discover, and manifest that which is yet to come in due season.

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