The Unknown Mystery And Adventure In Store For You

Neil Vermillion —  October 6, 2016 —  Comments

For you see your power as limited, as if it is something outside yourself, something you need to produce in your own strength. But as you allow me to reveal who we really are together you will begin to see the potential and power you already possess. And with this understanding you will also begin to discover your capacity to affect change in your life. For it is not by your own efforts these things have been given you. But as you come to understand what you already possess, you will certainly begin to exercise your capacity to reach your potential.

So allow me to guide you to the edge of your potential, the edge of what seems reasonable and possible. For in these edges you will discover the potential of the power within you, the same power that raised my son from the dead. And you will see and understand. You will experience, perceive and know, and from this place of knowing you will plot your course very differently.

For in many ways you see yourself defeated, when in reality you are not. You see yourself as incapable, when in reality you are not. You see so many obstacles, as if you cannot overcome them, when in reality you can do so with great skill, excellence, and ease. So allow me to continue to awaken the truth of who you are in me, the person I have created you to be, and allow me to continue to draw the very most important things to the surface within your life.

For I will deal with life issues, with those concerns of the heart that really and truly matter. I will bring them to the surface and we will address them all. I will bring them to the light and there will be no confusion or shame. I will highlight all I have for you, and when I do, you will see and know and understand. So let my spirit continue to guide you into the realms of greater knowledge, experience, and understanding, so you will continue to discover and realize the great power within you.

For as you discover this truth, and possess it as a reality already given you, you will realize the great potential already within you. And this great potential comes not only in the form of a seed, but with fuel too. So allow my process in your life to have its way, to take its full course, for as you do, it will unveil the hidden power and potential you previously did not perceive or notice. Allow me to unveil the power you possess as I continue to train you and refine you, for in doing so it will bless you and equip you for greater things yet to come, not holding on to the comfort zone of yesterday, but embracing the unknown mystery and adventure of what I have in store for you.

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