Unveiling Of Yet Another Layer

Neil Vermillion —  April 26, 2016 —  Comments

Today you are sitting at a precipice. In weeks prior you have been shown the landscape, you have been given insights and clues, you have been given little hints and foreshadows, you have been primed and prepared for this day. Today I am pulling back yet another layer of understanding of my plans for you. For you have perceived hints and rumors, but today I am confirming my words and my plans for you.

You have seen the arrows pointing in a direction, but you did not understand which way to go. You have seen the mountains in your path, but you presumed these mountains were not for you. You have seen the shadows in the horizon, but thought they were for another day. You have seen the writing on the wall, but could not read what is said. In days past I have seen your direction in which you are heading, but today I am bringing you past your limits and guiding you to the place I have for you, the place I have always had for you even though you did not see it, and you did not understand it.

So I am peeling back another layer of understanding, another layer of revelation of the truth that has always existed. For in my heart these things were always conceived. And from my heart I am making all these things known to you today, My Love. For my heart beams with joy, with passion, with excitement, and with laughter at the plans in store for you. And it brings me such joy to see you move in the direction you’ve been called to pursue.

For I see your heart and your motives. I hear the questions in your mind. I see the fear, confusion, and apprehension that clouds your judgment and slows your pace. But I also see your desire to obey. I hear the song of victory and worship within your heart. I notice the thoughts and plans you’ve conceived in response to my leadership. Though confused at times you do the best you can. You move in strength with what you have, and my heart is moved with compassion towards you.

And today I am unveiling yet another layer of understanding before you, allowing you to not only see, but to understand, what I have called you to do, who I have created you to be, and the direction and timing I have scheduled you to move and advance.

Time and time again you will enter into all my purposes and plans, even through your greatest confusion. For your confusion is only great in your own estimation. But my revelation will pierce your confusion and bring confidence, clarity, and perspective to your heart and circumstances. I will bring you out of the shadows and into my light of understanding and your confusion will be remembered no more. For in this place of understanding you will marvel. You will be amazed at the beauty and mystery of it all.

For though you know, you know only partially. Though you see, you see it only darkly. Though you have understanding, your understanding is incomplete. For when you see, know, and understand all I have for you it will truly and completely astonish and amaze you. You will be utterly stupefied. So continue to embrace all I am putting before you this day, even though it may seem painful, confusing, and backwards. For I am working my plans, and I am preparing your hearts to receive and understand all that will unfold before your very eyes.

So do not be discouraged, but trust in me.

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