I Am Unwavering In My Devotion And Pursuit

Neil Vermillion —  May 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

Know I see you, and I love you so much. Know I see your hurt and heartache, and I am deeply moved. Know I am aware of your heart, and your present circumstances, and have not turned a deaf ear to your cries or your tears. I have sought you late in the night, and early in the morning. I have worked at great expense, to great capacity and opportunity to intersect your heart. I have nudged your thoughts, and overturned the applecart, and have done so to gain your attention.

I have touched your heart and have moved you with my generosity and gentleness. I have confounded the traditions of man by defying what seems to be logical and reasonable. I have interrupted the status quo and inverted the scales, declaring you to be, not only lovely, but guilt-free, respected, and honored. For it is my delight to take the broken and ugly things of this world and display my glory in them and through them. It is my delight to take the weak and rejected pieces and show my strength and unfathomable beauty through them.

For there is nothing in this world that can hold me back. There is nothing in this world that can stop me, or even slow me down. There is nothing in all creation, neither in the present nor in the future, that can separate you from my wild and creative love for you. There is nothing that can cause me to think of you less, or love you less. There is nothing that can cause me to turn my back on you, or leave you behind. There is nothing that could cause me to give up on you, not even your own actions, plans, or rebellion – for my great love, and unending commitment to you is so much greater than all these things.

You doubt me, but you do so only because you don’t know me. You think of other men, but only because you don’t know me. You contemplate of other options, and concern yourself with alternative plans, but you do so only because you don’t know me. For as you know me, and see me, and experience me, all other things will pale in their comparison to me. For no one else could satisfy you like I do. No one else holds the beauty of the ideas and marvel I possess and create. No one else understands the wisdom of the constructs of the universe, for I hold all things together, and I hold all of the keys.

But because of my great love for you I do not give up, for I am unwavering in my devotion and pursuit. Instead I call out to you night and day. I call and call again. I am not swayed, nor discouraged, but remain constant, relentless in my patient pursuit to win your heart. For I know as you taste my goodness you will be amazed. I know as you see my warmth you will never forget me. I know as you begin to see me as I am, you will be undone – you, your heart, your world – all of it will be totally undone.

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