The Vast Riches Made Known To You

Neil Vermillion —  October 24, 2016 — Leave a comment

Though you have history with me already, though you know me already there are still multiverses you have not yet conceived. So continue to remain open to my spirit, continue to remain sensitive to the whispers of my voice. For I will continue to draw you further than yesterday. I will continue to take you higher than you’ve gone before. I will continue to press, push, and inspire you past the realms you have known, and bring you delicately, and defiantly, into new realms you’ve not even perceived before.

I will reveal to you one thing after another, one idea after another, one concept after another, and you will marvel at the detail and sequence in which I choose to train you. I will speak to you plainly and you will have no questions, but I will also speak to you in riddles and questions, causing you to hunt and search for your own answers. But even in this I will guide you, for I will shepherd you gently, even as you advance in your own knowledge and your own strength.

But I will not cease. I will continue to take you further than you could ever go in your own power, in your own knowledge. I will open up so many wonderful and delightful avenues for you to travel you will be truly amazed and overwhelmed with them all. I will show you galaxies and mysteries. I will show you answers you have not comprehended. I will show you the marvels of which you have no capacity to begin to appreciate.

And though all these things will be revealed to you I am motivated by my great love for you. For all this knowledge and understanding and revelation will draw you closer to my heart. All this knowledge will inspire you to know me and love me more. So I will light the fire beneath your feet, and you will run with speed and endurance. You will be swept away in the presence of my counsel as I instruct you and train you. I will prepare you and educate you, not only in my ways, but also in who I am. And your heart will come alive in such incredible and profound ways you will by no means be able to comprehend, imagine, or measure.

So know, I have much to share with you, but also know I do not share these things with you for the sake of knowledge. I share these things with you because I love you, because I desire you to be close to me, because you are My Beloved, my friend, my family. I share so many things with you, and will continue to display and demonstrate my gratuitous riches before all, so you will see and know, and so others will also see and also know, the vast resources I have made known to you.

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