The Vast Riches Of My Plans For You

Neil Vermillion —  September 16, 2016 —  Comments

Know I am with you guiding you and governing over you. For you feel as though you are running out ahead of my plan, ahead of my timing. You feel as though this is all your own idea, and I am left in the shadows having no understanding or comprehension of what is really happening, having no say in the matter. But the truth is I have put you here. I have planted you here intentionally. I have set you in this land and in this season knowing exactly how you would choose to respond. I have set you up to excel, and done so deliberately.

So reside where you find yourself today knowing you are not there by chance, but by design. Know you have been planted here deliberately, in order for you to have your full effect and enjoy the process of it all together with me. Do not doubt, as if you have somehow tricked or deceived me. Do not hesitate, as if this could be the wrong time for you to move forward in pursuit of the call I’ve placed upon your heart and life. Do not apologize, as if you are acting in rebellion, against my will for you. Do not be apprehensive, as if you do not know the work I have called you to accomplish.

In all these things you presume you are doing them without me. In all these things you presume you could make your own heart beat, or think a new idea without my help. But as you come to know me more and more you will find I am assisting you in every way, and have always done so. I have worked with you day after day, year after year in loving, patient support of your process. You presume you have arrived here without my knowledge, but I say to you that you have arrived to this place with not only my knowledge but also my support and blessing.

For my love for you is so much greater than what you perceive. My willingness to show my love for you is so much greater than what you have previously, or presently, experienced. And so you doubt, and presume, because you have not yet known me, but you will. You will come to know me like this, for this is my plan for your life. And not only is this my plan for you, but it is also your desire too.

The deepest desires burning within you stem from the desire of close, intimate relationship with me. It will be my good pleasure to satisfy you in every way as I continue to reveal myself to you. My good plans for you will surprise you as they overwhelm you, for no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has fully conceived, nor comprehended the vast riches and details of my plans for you, My Beloved.

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