Walk In Confidence In All Things

Neil Vermillion —  May 16, 2017 — Leave a comment

Rest in the assurance I have given you already. Rest in your knowledge and experience of me, in me. For I have made myself known to you already, having revealed myself in great and personal detail. I have spoken to you intimately regarding who I am, who you are, and my plans for your life. Know I have called you, and chosen you. I have picked you from amongst the group, and have chosen to make myself known to you personally.

And I have revealed yourself to you, the way I see you. I have affirmed the truth, denied the lies, and corrected the misunderstandings about you. I have opened your heart and your mind so you can receive my words. I have opened your ears so you can hear my message, and today, I am opening your mouth, so you will speak and share what I have given you to say.

So do not be bashful, but be bold, knowing I am with you, and knowing I have given you the words you must say. Do not back down from your obstacles, or the resistance you encounter, but persevere in spite of the strength required of you. For as you walk with me you will find I am greater than all these things. And though difficult at times, you will walk in peace, rest, trust, joy and safety in all things, in spite of the temporary paradoxes that seem to display and manifest occasionally.

I am opening up understanding for you today, so you will comprehend your path for tomorrow. Do not be alarmed as you see the detail in which I speak to you. Do not be overwhelmed as you see the day quickly approaching, for what I have shown you, though wonderful and amazing, is still small in comparison to the greater work I will do in you and through you.

So take your life one day at a time, with an understanding of today, as well as tomorrow. Enjoy this moment as best you can, for what I have given you is good and righteous, even though it may not always be obvious for you to see it in the moment. Walk in confidence in all things, for I am speaking to you plainly, affirming my plans, my will, and my desires to your heart.

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