Walking In Greater Freedom

Neil Vermillion —  March 18, 2020 —  Comments

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I have put the message within the mouths of my messengers, and I have written the signs in the sky. I have revealed it in your media and in your data, but still you deny what is before you. I have shouted it from the roof tops again and again, making it known to all people. I have declared it and documented it and still many are unaware, wondering about without a clue. So understand, in these days you will be confronted, as the middle ground continues to shrink. The middle ground will fade away, and everyone will be left on one side or the other. There will be no more middle ground, and those who do not make a choice will be rudely awakened to the consequences of their inaction. (1)

But in these days, the fire of my heart will burn brightly. These days will seem dark only to those without my light, for my light will guide you and sustain you. It will show the way, as it illuminates the issues at hand. There will be no need to fear or worry, for you will be able to see plainly because of the light within and before you. To some I speak in riddles with hidden messages and meanings, but those who have ears to hear are able to discern the message. Do not continue to listen with your mind only, but listen with your spirit as well, for the words I speak are not natural, but spirit, and they will bring life if you will receive them. (2)

Disengage from your worldly culture, from your carnal idols, and your ungodly doctrines of man. As you do, you will find and receive my light, and it will be your life, and it will save, preserve, and protect you. You will find your life in my light, and you will be set free. In your place of freedom you will encounter your real self, the person I created you to be since before the world began. (3)

Not only will you encounter your real self, the truest version of who you are, but you will also encounter me, my spirit, and my son. The hours of great delight will overtake you and you will be consumed with your newly found freedom. You will be free to do what I have purposed you to do. You will be free to love without limits, without inhibitions. You will be free from fear, free from compromise, and free from all the shackles that hold you back. (4)

As you embrace the light, follow my spirit, and accept my leadership in the days soon coming, you will not only continue to walk in the light as I am in the light, but will also walk in greater and greater freedom as you do.

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